Military Hats at CapBeast 

The military and fashion has a long, well documented history. As fashion consumers, we’ve always looked at ways to extract traditional military garb and translate it into a street savvy, fashionable items of clothing for everyday wear and use. It’s the only reason you’ll ever see a dude in Starbucks rocking an insignia that indicates he’s a corporal when he is actually a blogger. But who can blame him or anybody else for that matter? It’s a fact that military style fashion just looks dope. Whether it’s a camouflaged top, military style jacket or a desert storm peak hat, there’s no denying the reach and influence military and warfare gear has on what we wear.

Military hats have been dropping in and out of the pop culture consciousness for years. The most popular military headwear you’re likely to see is the simple patrol cap, better known and popularized as the Fidel Castro hat. Fashion takes its influence from the most unlikely of places, and there is nowhere less likely than a communist revolutionary; but that is how the fashion world’s best and most iconic pieces work. 

The most recent resurgence in popularity with the military cap and army hat comes in the form of chic and stylish super models. We are talking a-list beauties like Rosie Huntington Whitley, Astrid Berges Frisby and Kate Moss. All of which have been snapped out and about donning military style headgear and pulling it off with all the grace and beauty you’d expect. But let’s be clear here: you don’t need to be a supermodel to pull a custom military hat off. Let your own style and personality do the talking and unleash your creative side with CapBeasts hat customizer, and craft some of your own dope headgear with a military twist.