The bucket hat has a long and unique history. I’m not talking about the type of history a snapback or fitted has; the buckets legacy is far more interesting than that. This is a piece of fashion headwear that was originally used by the military all the way back in the 1940s. Back then if you were rocking a standard issue men’s bucket hat, it’s because you were protecting yourself from the harsh desert sun on the back of your neck. These days if you’re wearing a bucket hat you’re trying to make a fashion statement, and a strong one too.

To put it simply, the bucket hat is way more than just a hat. It’s a character piece. It’s got a life of its own. You might see Schoolboy Q and Earl Sweatshirt of Odd Future rocking a bucket hat, but you’ll also see pictures of Hunter S. Thompson wearing one too. That right there, is diversity. This piece is a statement atop your head that you can share in common with some of the quirkiest and most interesting people in pop culture history.

It’s true, their popularity cooled off for a while in late 90s to 00s, but you can’t keep an eternal style down. It is safe to say that this hype train is back with a bang, and there is no better time to jump on board. We can stitch designs up to 8" in width on our selection of bucket hats, which make them a great canvas for your creativity.


No lean but I chopped and screwed, she wants a groovy type, bucket hat dude” – Schoolboy Q