Although Oakley got its start as primarily an eyewear company, it soon started to make some serious waves in the sports world with its gear and accessories. So much so, it became one of the most popular brands in golf for course wear. Chances are when you’re playing a few holes you’ll notice somebody wearing an Oakley polo paired up with some signature Oakley glasses.

At CapBeast we carry a whole range of Oakley golf hats as a great alternative to Nike. Whether it’s a driver golf cap, a skull cup or just a regular old trucker golf style golf hat, we are certain we’ll have the right fit for you. We also offer a great online hat customizing tool that can really make your custom Oakley golf hat go the extra mile. Ever get bored of the pre-set designs and logos? Now you can transform your choice of cap into something more personal and original; and hit the golf course in style.