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How to Measure Your Cap Size

How to measure your hat size   capbeast blog


How to Measure Your Cap Size:

What Size Cap Is Right for you? Get All the Answers You Need Right Here.

Read on for a comprehensive guide to hat sizes, measuring your head, fitted hats versus adjustable hats, how to read sizing charts, sizing trends within specific brands, and more. Here you’ll find all the crucial info to make sure you’re getting the best hat for your buck, for your brand, and for your unique sense of personal style!!

Historically the big divide in the world of caps has been adjustable hats (either snapback or strapback) versus fitted hats; we’ll take a look at that first so you can easily figure out which type – adjustable or fitted – is best for you. This includes hats for men, hats for women, XS hats, and XXL hats, all fully customizable at CapBeast … 

Fitted hats were developed first, in the roaring twenties (1920s, that is), while adjustable hats came onto the scene a couple decades later in the 1940s with latex rubber used as a stiffening agent. OK, history lesson over! Just know that if you order a New Era fitted you’re getting the oldest of old-school classics, whereas if you opt for Yupoong you’re surfing the wave of a high-tech future. There’ll be more on that later, when we go through fitting trends brand by brand … before we delve into all those details, though, let’s just figure out how to measure that noggin! 

You want to start by grabbing a measuring tape and positioning yourself in front of a mirror. We’re going to find the widest part of the head to ensure the most accurate – and comfiest! – size hat for you. Feel the back of your skull to locate the points that stick out a bit; then, with the measuring tape placed against these points, wrap the tape around the front of your head to likewise fit the widest point. That should be just a bit above your eyebrows. Now that you’ve got the measuring tape fitted to the widest circumference of your head, make sure it’s not too tight! While you don’t necessarily need to be able to fit a finger under the measuring tape, you at least wanna be able to move the tape around a little bit.

Here are the sizes that correspond to each measurement:

20 1/2 inches = size 6 3/8
20 7/8 inches = size 6 1/2
21 1/4 inches = size 6 5/8 
21 5/8 inches = size 6 3/4 
22 inches = size 6 7/8
22 1/2 inches = size 7
22 7/8 inches = size 7 1/8 
23 1/4 inches = size 7 1/4
23 5/8 inches = size 7 3/8
24 inches = size 7 1/2
24 3/8 inches = size 7 5/8
24 3/4 inches = size 7 3/4
25 1/4 inches = size 7 7/8 
25 inches = size 8

So now that we’ve covered the basics – adjustable versus fitted, how to properly measure your head, and how to read size charts – let’s show how different brands have freestyled a bit on the basic beat! Because it turns out that different brands have their own unique trends with cap sizing too. But don’t worry: these details on variations from brand to brand are just meant to supplement the above basic info, not to override it in any way. Remember in our history lesson when I told you that a New Era fitted cap was the OG cap, and had been around for a century? Well, New Era also provides the roomiest fit, with some of the biggest hats for their size to be found at CapBeast. Yupoong, on the other hand, is one of our smallest: this dynamic brand blew up the cap world when it went from being a basic Korean hat manufacturer to an immensely popular international line, all based on their invention of an amazing one-size-fits-all fabric. So while it’s good to keep in mind that Yupoong fits somewhat on the smaller end, their raddest, most revolutionary aspect is that with Yupoong you actually don’t have to worry about measurements or sizes at all! Both their fitted and their snapbacks are made one-size-fits-all. Maybe our largest cap trend comes from ’47 Brand. If you’re looking for the largest fit of all then be sure to pick the MVP model from ’47 Brand, It’s a big winner. 

Meanwhile, FlexFit is somewhere in between, what we sometimes call “true to size.” This is our most accurate fit, with no surprises. If you are leaning toward a larger fit, though, here are my specific recs: 

The New Era Flat bill 9Fifty snapback is a classic 6-panel cap, and with its iconic flat bill it just might be the original cool. This larger-end snapback also has 7 positions to ensure you’ll find the perfect fit – and of course at CapBeast you can customize your cap to perfect any look, too.  

9Fifty snapback | New Era

If you’re a Flexfit fan but like a roomier cap check out Flexfit’s Ultrafiber Airmesh hat. This super-sporty cap delivers several serious benefits: first, the Airmesh fabric on the back and side panels will help you keep a cool head in the hot heat; second, the Permacurv visor also shields your eyes from the harsher summer elements; and finally, the brilliant blended fabric allows for ease of movement and a pretty roomy fit with the L/XL sizing option!

Ultrafiber Airmesh Hat | Flexfit

Next I’d suggest Nike’s Swoosh Dad hat, another 6-panel design but with more of a contemporary look. With the embroidered swoosh logo on the left side of the bill, this cap is nice and streamlined, all smooth lines. The hook and loop adjustable closure also ensures a seamless fit. As always, you can personalize your hat by adding your favorite text or design using the CapBeast hatmaker.

Swoosh Dad Hat | Nike

Finally, the Champion Dad hat is a classic brushed cotton cap with a strapback enclosure. The Champion logo is displayed on the back, right next to the strap. This soft, unstructured hat is perfect for customization: you can create your own custom Champion Dad hat at CapBeast by adding your logo, text, or graphics! 

Dad Hat | Champion

At the end of the day only you can decide the right fit, and the right cap, for you. But know that whether you’ve come to CapBeast for an XS fit or an XXL, an old-school brand, the latest trend, a Dad hat, a fitted or an adjustable hat, or simply the endless possibilities of customization, CapBeast has you covered.