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The Best Wool Snapbacks for Fall 2021

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So, you’re looking to up your hat game for the fall. That flimsy neon cap you had on all at the pool all summer was great, but it’s not going to be the move when it’s ten degrees out, the snow is falling, and you’re on leaf-raking duty. Lucky for you, there’s a way for your headwear to help you not only stay warm but also express your creativity. Wool blend caps add an extra dimension to the standard baseball cap — and that dimension is, dare we say, class? And they work incredibly well when it comes time to create a custom piece through CapBeast’s powerful customizer. To help you get a feel for which hat you’re gonna rock with this season, we’ve put together some of our favorite wool blends that bring all the fall vibes. 

Our Fall Favorites

We’ve done tons of research trying to narrow down our favorite picks when it comes to autumn headwear. These three are our clear favorites based on several criteria, including warmth, customizability, comfort, durability, fit, and, of course, overall style. You can’t go wrong with any of these caps when it comes to putting together a custom wool blend hat. 

Flexfit Wool Blend Cap 

Simple, clean, and ready to be personalized however you want, the Flexfit Wool Blend is a versatile king. In addition to sewn eyelets and a sturdy wool/acrylic blend, this hat also includes patented Flexfit Technology, which — as its name suggests — creates a more flexible fit by lacing polyurethane spandex into the sweatband and crown. The Flexfit version also comes in several different eye-catching colors, including royal, khaki, and navy, making it the most customizable hat on our list. It has the classic snapback style that you’ve been sporting all summer but with a more autumnal feel. It’s definitely the most lightweight of all the hats on this list, but its durable construction and materials also ensure you’ll be able to rough it up during the family Thanksgiving football game. 

New Era Melton Wool Strapback

This hat is an absolute winter essential. The Melton Wool Strapback from New Era is an unstructured 6-panel wool blend cap that may be the most comfortable thing we’ve ever put on. Forget about breaking this thing in. It’s gonna slip right on your head the second you get it home. The fact that it’s a New Era means it’s going to last; and nowhere is that more evident than in the high-quality wool blend that keeps the heat trapped, provides just enough stretch, and feels absurdly soft to the touch. The graphite heather crown is complemented by some beautiful colors on the bill, including deep navy, dark green, and royal blue. The two-toned colorways make it easier to color coordinate, and the different-colored button provides some added visual interest. In terms of overall style, this one is our clear favorite. We particularly love the strap in the back with the metal buckle — all class. 

Yupoong Classics Snapback

Yupoong is known for making evergreen pieces that won’t go out of style, and this hat is no different. Their version of a wool blend snapback is 50% wool, 30% acrylic, and 20% nylon, so it’s extra comfy, with plenty of stretch and a velvety texture that makes this the warmest cap on our list, and the hottest in your lineup. It has a structured profile that isn’t too stiff, which means it fits snugly and still provides plenty of room on the front panel for you to get creative. The Yupoong is the perfect middle ground between the three hats on this list. It has the softness of the New Era and the classic snapback feel of the Flexfit. The sewn eyelets, snapback closure, and generous amount of space up front make this one a must-have — oh, and who doesn’t love a classic green underbrim? 

How to Style a Custom Wool Blend Hat

Now that you’ve seen some of our top picks for fall, we want to help you make them your own. These hats offer up a lot in the way of customization options; but certain styles will lend themselves to your desired end product better than others, so you’re going to want to start by figuring out which hat works with what you’re looking to do. 

Yupoong’s snapback provides tons of real estate and an array of colors that will look great with a wide variety of designs. Take advantage of all that space by having a large graphic stitched on or big, eye-catching text. If you have a team to outfit, the Flexfit Wool Blend is an excellent option. The tall profile gives you space for a slanted script name or a prominent logo. When you want a statement piece for your fall collection, consider putting your brand name on a New Era Melton Wool Strapback. A geometric emblem will look sooooo sharp on that heather gray. 

Building out your ideal wool blend couldn’t be easier with CapBeast’s customizer. After selecting your hat, you can upload your graphics or lay out your text to your exact specifications. There are a ton of formatting options when it comes to text, so you’ll be able to say what you want, how you want. Our embroidery experts give you endless options, so don’t be afraid to get a little weird — and do not forget to utilize the sides and the back. 

Once you know which hat you want and how you’re going to design it, following a few guidelines will help you create an iconic piece you’ll be wearing well into spring. First, make sure you’re using bold designs that are going to come through when stitched onto your wool blend. Thin outlines and cluttered graphics won’t show up as well. You’ll also want to avoid small text. Bigger is better — trust us, you have more than enough space with these wool blend classics. 


A custom wool blend hat is perfect for bonfires, football tailgates, and any other fall activity that you feel like classing up. Customize yours with CapBeast today — and start your autumn off with some serious swagger.