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CapBeast's Guide to New Era Fitted Hats

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The latest custom New Era fitted hats are in, and we’re going to tell you all about them

The New Era brand is a part of American sports apparel history. Established in 1920, New Era has grown into one of America’s most distinguishable headwear brands. In a land where a “no one” can become a “someone”, the New Era founders did just that. New Era started from humble beginnings during the 1920s and has grown to be a global business, beloved by everyday people and worn by the world's greatest teams. The New Era company doesn’t stop hustling, and every year continues to explore new territories in the ever-expanding sporting industry. CapBeast is proud to present you with the opportunity to design a custom New Era hat.

Introducing New Era Fitted Hats

CapBeast has been stocking America’s most celebrated headwear brand since 2015. We’re happy to announce that we are expanding our catalog of New Era hats with 40 new models. We're giving you the chance to wear a famed New Era fitted hat, in the same way millions of renowned pro athletes have. The one difference? Custom design. We're still CapBeast, and we know that our customers value individual style and self-expression. Our customized hats are what set us apart as a brand, and you as an individual. We're giving you the status, history and faultless structural design of the New Era Fitted hat but providing you with the opportunity to customize the design in your own unique way with embroidery.

History of The New Era Brand

New Era headwear has been a staple of American sports apparel for over a century. Way back in the roaring twenties, Ehrhardt Koch borrowed just two-thousand dollars from his sister and a coworker to begin the 'E Koch Cap Company'. In 1920, Koch had a team of fourteen who created over 60,000 caps! From here, the success of Koch's third-floor hat production company exploded. In 1954, the company's popular pro caps were redesigned and remodeled, becoming the '59fifty', better known as the world-famous 'Brooklyn style cap'. By 1965, New Era was supplying caps to ten out of the twenty MLB teams. Broadening their horizons during the twentieth century, New Era began providing hats for the NFL. Following this was an international expansion, which saw New Era supplying headwear to the Australian Cricket Big Bash League and Manchester United. Stepping outside the box, in 2018, New Era became the official outfitter and sideline apparel supplier for the CFL. Although we're biased and still believe New Era’s MLB hats are their finest work, it's pretty impressive to see a brand capable of diversifying their product line and international reach.

Battle Of The Caps: What Makes The Fitted Hat Stand Out?

Ever tried on a hat in a store and found it sliding all over the place. Remember that time you borrowed a pals hat, and there was a cold breeze flowing through the back? Just like clothing, hats are not one size fits all, and a poor fitting hat is not only impractical and frustrating, it can look silly too. 

Other hats, notably the snapback, have a plastic snap on the back to help to make the cap sit snug on your head. This sizing method isn't always accurate and takes away from the design. The New Era fitted hats come in a variety of sizes and have a smoother and cleaner finish. Whereas the New Era Snapbacks offer versatility and adjustability. The fitted hat style leaves more room on the back to customize your hat. If you're keen to get arty and put your own stamp on your cap, the fitted cap may be the best fit for you. To learn more about what makes custom fitted hats different from the snapback and who comes out on top in the battle of the caps, read our blog post here.

Hitting It Out The Park: Fitted Hats And Baseball Culture

For many, the fitted cap is synonymous with baseball. It was the New Era 59fifty model that made baseball caps so popular. The fitted cap became a practical and stylish advancement in baseball uniforms. The baseball cap kept the bright sun off players' faces and became a style symbol associated with the popular sport. Spike Lee and his iconic red Yankees cap became iconic, and millions of American's wanted to style the famous hat style themselves. From this point onwards, people were wearing fitted caps in a variety of designs, colors and styles all across America. People wanted to be part of a larger community but retain their individuality. A little like what we do here at CapBeast, huh?

Our favorite New Era Fitted Hat Models 

At CapBeast, we never let you down when it comes to assisting your self-expression. Uniqueness is at the core of everything we do, which is why we're providing you with New Era fitted caps in a variety of colors and styles. Our New Era fitted caps are available in S/M and L/XL to make sure your cap fits perfectly. 


The Mesh Stretch Fitted Hat has a mesh back with a plain canvas front, perfect for embroidering your signature design. Keep cool on the field with a breathable mesh back, and pick a color that suits your style best. This fitted hat comes in Grey/Black, Black/Gold, Graphite/Cyber Green, Scarlett/White, and Black/White. No matter your color palette, CapBeast has the perfect mesh custom fitted hats to suit you.



Keep things casual with the Stretch Fitted Hex Design Hat. This timeless design combines 5-panels with a hexagonal mesh design and contrast piping. The Navy/Graphite color palette matches any outfit and is ideal for letting your custom design stand out and steal the show.




The all new Fitted Cotton Hat from New Era is designed for comfort and versatility. It’s a great lightweight option for summer and a top choice for baseball teams. Available in 13 colors and 2 sizes this hat is a welcome addition to the New Era product line.



Designing Your Custom New Era Fitted Hats

As you know, at CapBeast, we're all about outstanding design. We want you to make the most out of the design opportunities we provide you with. That's why, when it comes to letting your inner graphic designer flourish, there are a few things you need to know first.

Bold is best. Creating bold designs helps us out, and it makes your hat look its best. Bold designs stand out on the expansive canvas of the New Era custom fitted hats. Make your text stand out with thick fonts and solid colors. If you're adding graphics, make sure these are bold too. Not only does it make your design look clear and eye-catching, but it ensures we can embroider your designs to the highest quality and exactly how you want it. 

The maximum design area on the front of our custom New Era hats is 4” width by 2.5” height. Keep these measurements in mind when you’re unleashing your inner Picasso.

To learn how to create a standout design perfect for the embroidery experts at CapBeast, read out the design guide blog post.

New Era is an iconic American sportswear brand. For over a century, global sports teams, famous celebs and everyday folks have been styling and obsessing over New Era hats. Combining our admiration of sports history, our love of sports apparel, and our passion for a one-of-a-kind design, we're proud to give our customers the opportunity to create a custom New Era fitted hats. The fitted hat has a long legacy yet remains one of the most practical and stylish caps. 

The fitted cap's combination of style and practicality makes it a staple in everyone's wardrobe. Make this wardrobe staple your own by designing a personalized custom New Era fitted hat with us. Customize hats with CapBeast and New Era, and you’re guaranteed an iconic cap that’s infused with your own personal style.